You Can Do It

You Can Do It


Mark 6:32-44


In our life, we often see what we see and don’t know what to do with it. We often try to sedate it with something else; or even completely walk away. When this happens the devil often comes in and infects us with guilt. This is not GOD. In these verses of Mark chapter 6, Jesus tells the disciples; “You do it”. 


Think about what you have. What do you have? Jesus says “bring it to me”. What addictions do you have? What is compromising your freedom to choose? What are you saying no to but doing anyways? That’s an addiction and that’s what the devil wants you to believe. While you are trying to substitute and cover the pain; Jesus is the real deal. Think about it. To God, whatever it is that you have is a big deal. 


Bring it to Me. Whatever you have, bring it to Him. The difficulty with this, is TRUST. We have trust issues. These are caused by people who violate our trust. We often put up walls when that happens. The issue with that, is it locks you in, and God out. We don’t want to give God all that we have, and it hurts his heart that we don’t want to give it to him. When we say that Jesus is enough; he will be enough; but we need to believe it first. We have to be ready and willing to take everything to him and lay it down. God will bless the mess. 


It hurts to be broken. It’s not fun, it’s not easy; it hurts! That’s God letting us know he has to break us. He has to take care of the issue so he can help you. He knows about how it feels to be broken, and feel like you have given up. Jesus felt that on the cross. He knows the depth of everything that eats you up; because of how he was killed. He did that so we don’t have to feel it. He blesses us, breaks us, and the gives it back. Now it’s yours to use. 


You get to minister from your brokenness. Transparency comes out of being broken. God commands us to “feed” the people. Who can you feed? Who can you feed with your presence; your testimony? Your responsibility is to BE. To trust him with your story.  God does not make junk or mistakes. Many of us are created to be nurturers, caretakers, givers; etc. We have to give ourselves permission to do nothing. Take the time to take the time; and then YOU feed the people. Feed them the spirit and the goodness of God. He will then multiply everything you thought was bringing you down into glory, joy, and victory.


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