What's Your Why?

Have you ever been around kids or leaders? One question that is common between the two groups, is “Why”? We need to be able to make sense of the world and what happens. “Why” helps us go from lost to found, and from where we are to where we need to be. If “Why” doesn’t get answered, we are in trouble. 


What gets you up every day?


What drives you?


What keeps you awake at night?


In John Chapter 20: 1-18 there are some things that help us break down how to discover our “Why”. 


The first indicator in this piece of scripture; is that Mary was crying. The tears we shed are an indication of our future. Mary teaches us that we only cry about what is important. You are on the road to your why when people start asking you about your tears. We need our why, but the indicator of our why is our own heart ache.


God comforts you in your need, so that you can comfort other people. When Mary is at the tomb weeping; she doesn’t realize her weeping isn’t in vein. God sees every tear we cry. What you cried over in the past may be paving the way for your purpose. God prepares you based on what you cry about. 


Your tears are not just an expression of the state of your emotion; they are a billboard. You just have to look at it long enough to see what God is doing. Don’t cry your eyes out without seeing what you are crying about.


Mary stood by the tomb long enough that she was the only one there after everyone left. What is it that you have done after everyone else has chosen to leave? What have you done that no-one else told you to do? When you are captured by what God is doing in your life, you do things without realizing it, because you are captured by your “why”.


Look at what you would rather choose to have time for; that is your “why”. Some of us stay from our “why” because of the price tag on it. We settle for a lesser “why” because of what it costs. 


If you work all the way until you die, and don’t tap into your “why”, all you will be remembered for is your 9-5. You are the only one who can do your “why”. Work, but also work your “why”. 


When God says “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”; your well done will be connected to your “why”. Don’t go to God’s gate without discovering your “why”. Your heart will tell on you. Your heart and your mouth are connected. 


We all need to find our sweet spot; and our “why”. Sometimes it takes a hardship to see what God is calling us into. Ask God what he sees in you; and what passions he has given uniquely to you. 



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