The Definition of Greatness

The Definition of Greatness


Jesus is the Greatest of All Time. He is God! We are built for greatness, but we have to redefine our definition of greatness to match God’s. When we think of greatness we often think of famous, wealthy, influential people. We think these things make someone great. But that’s not what Jesus says. Throughout the Bible, Jesus intercepts a lot of conversations about his disciples. This is true for Mark 9:33-37. Jesus’ disciples had been arguing about who was the greatest. Jesus doesn’t tell them not to want to be great. Instead he just redefines what it looks like to be great. 


Despite how we may feel about ourselves; we are designed for greatness. God’s opinion of you is much greater and more important than your view or opinion of yourselves. Jesus does discipline by showing people how to get higher. 


The greatest according to Jesus will place others ahead of themselves. When you are in traffic but you catch the red light; and everyone else gets the green. What you need to understand is that all of those people were released to get to where they need to go. Why is your schedule more important than theirs? When we talk about being the servant or the least of these; the goal would be that our lives would be servants to yours.


The greatest of us are not going to be in positions of authority because we fought to get there. We will be there because God put us there. We have a grace on our lives to serve when God puts us in a place of leadership. 


The greatest of us will lay down our lives for each other always, and if need be, literally. It’s not a boring thing to follow Jesus. You will never be board watching people get healed. It’s never going to be about what you have achieved in a moment. Jesus displays this clearly. He shows what it looks like to walk out everything. He knows before anyone that he was going to die. HE still humbles himself enough to take of his cloak that identifies him as a rabbi; and wash his disciples feet. This is the highest act of service they know. 


Who can you serve? Jesus lowered himself to serve those closest to him. He wants to redefine your belief of greatness to bring you to your full potential. Jesus should be your “low water mark”. We can do greater than we ever imagined. 

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