Sit On It

We don’t have a belief problem. A lot of us believe in Jesus. However the full news of the Gospel is surrender. Surrender to the Lordship of Christ. This series we are looking at the GOODNESS of God. 

John 6:5-15 Jesus reminds us that we need to “sit on it”. Sometimes we need to see what he has already done. We need to be reminded of what he has done. We need to allow God to show us where there is plenty. He wants us to be thankful for what he has already done instead of striving for what he hasn’t called us to strive for. 

God was talking about you before you showed up; before you were born. He chose you and knew you and wrote a plan for you. God uses other people to start participating when he gets ready to use you. How can he use you though; if you haven’t already seen and focused on what he’s done for you. Depression? A diagnosis? Sit on it. Think of what he’s done and he will send people to participate in your blessing. 

God wants to get in the game of our life and participate in it but we have to let him participate in in. God will show you where to get whatever you need by using what seems insignificant. We need to understand that God’s going to provide for us. He is a good father and he isn’t going to let us go!

God is going to provide for you; it was his vision first. We have to look where there is plenty when there doesn’t look like there is any provision. 

What is it that you need to sit on? We need to shift our perspective. Maybe you need to consider that Jesus is here and God sent him for our sins. Maybe you need a fresh start; you are invited today, to surrender your life to Jesus!

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