Mark 4:10-20


The Greatest Of All Time is often a debate; especially between different sports players, musicians, etc. But If you think about it, who really deserves the title of The GOAT? Our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. Before anyone else in the world; he deserves to get that title. 


Jesus Meets us where we at. Jesus teaches in parables; these stories take insight and put them into a context that the people understand. Jesus does this, because he understands where we are; and wants to teach us in a way that we know will be able to comprehend. We often think we have the authority to look down at God; but he continuously meets us where we are at, and gives us what we need to fulfill his will for our lives. 


Jesus doesn’t change, he’s consistent. God is the same now; as he will be tomorrow; and as he was yesterday. When things are going great he is the same God as he will be when nothing is going right. We have to learn to lean on that. Sometimes in the moment we may not understand that God is with you; but if you look back; God was there, and he meets you where you are at. In times when you are hurt, and you don’t know; he is with you, he is there and he loves you! 


Jesus is into the Details. A lot of the times we like to take the big stuff to God. We often don’t even pray for the right thing. Often we want God to take something away, but what we should be praying for is strength. He is into the little details just as much as the big ones. He wants to be involved in your day to day. 


Our job is to determine where we are at. A lot of time we think we are walking into church and doing God a favor— we are not. Some of you come into church acting like your roots are deep; and then go hang with your buddies and fall off. Some of you hear and receive the word; and walk out the doors and then fall into the worries of the world. Or maybe you receive, apply and see the fruit of the word of God in your life. — Be honest with yourself. He want’s to be a part of ALL of the details in our lives. When we fail to allow him to be a part of everything, we are selling ourselves short. 


These three characteristics of Jesus are what set him apart. The key to it all is his understanding. There is so much more to life than what we can see is going on. We can kinda see what is going on; but Jesus is higher than us, his thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Our God is sovereign. Everything he allows to come into your life is for a reason. The valleys are just as high as the mountaintops. Our valleys are for us to lean more into him and receive more from him. 


He Understands. He understands more than you know he does. We really serve a God that knows it all. We can lean on that as we walk out this thing called life. 

Mission Church